What I really love to do.

Nice to meet you

Hi, I am Evingtone Ngoa. I am fourth in a family of five. Yes, I can guess on what you are thinking right now. You’ve just compared us to the big five! No worries, am cool with that 🙂

I love watching geek movies,  playing sudoku,  travelling and also meeting new people, especially the ones who slap the keyboard until something amazing happens.

I have a passion for developing innovative systems that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success. I am a skilled PHP, Laravel, WordPress and JQuery software developer and professional graphic designer with over four years of experience at DewCIS Solutions Limited. I have experience in implementing projects in Linux and Windows environments and intermediate level in mobile applications.

I am addicted to learning new programming techniques and creating minor side projects to solve complex problems. For instance, I am a poor financial planner. Consequently, I implemented a personal finance management system that uses graphical charts to show my expenditure, budgeting, reports and net worth. I enjoy working in teams and using the Agile methodology, enabling teams to work efficiently and deliver on time. In addition, designing is another skill that I loves to do. I design infographics, brochures, pamphlets, cover letters and business cards.

Don’t hesitate, shoot me a mail sometime and change the World together. Happy to hear from you very soon!

Evingtone Ngoa
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6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” author=”PROVERBS 3: 5 – 6″]
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Coding Skills

[dt-skillbar values=”95|Php,90|MySQL,95|Git,80|Javascript,85|Java”]


[dt-skillbar values=”90|Wordpress,70|Joomla”]

Project Management

[dt-skillbar values=”90|Scrum,95|Git,90|Trello,90|Jira”]


[dt-skillbar values=”80|Laravel,50|Yii2,60|Spring”]


[dt-skillbar values=”70|React”]


[dt-skillbar values=”90|Photoshop,70|Infographics,80|Logos”]